Buidling a “creative” Lazio. 20 Proposals for a Regional Economy of Creativity

Building a creative LazioIs there a dialogue among designers, communication experts and companies in local traditional sectors that could lead to innovative and more competitive products? In a world in which the interplay between urban planning, architecture and contemporary art is at the basis of ‘global’ phenomena such as the Guggenheim in Bilbao, is the local creative scene driving urban transformation and development of the tourist offer? Is the public administration using public demand in a ‘creative’ manner to provide efficient responses to the citizens’ needs? And yet, on a partially different plane, can universities and training centres help to create professionals in the specialised areas of the local creative industries? Are the operators of these industries a community with a culture and a specific representation or are they just a series of individuals who do not ‘communicate’ with the government? In the ‘public debate’ regarding the local dimension, how much attention is paid to creativity compared with the more traditional economic sectors?

(Click the pdf link to read the full version Building a ‘Creative’ Lazio – GP. Manzella)

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